1. How do I adjust my glasses so that they fit better?

Before shipping your glasses to you, we will adjust them based on standard fit. If you require further adjustments, we encourage you to visit a local optical store. Most brick-and-mortar eyewear retailers will adjust your glasses free of charge, as courtesy. Or send us a DM us on Instagram, and we can set up a time to adjust frames if you are located in the GTA/Vaughan area. 

We do not recommend adjusting your glasses yourself, as excessive force or bending can break the frames or lenses.

2. How to care for your eyewear?

Avoid leaving your glasses in a hot vehicle. High heat could damage the frame and lenses. Avoid touching your lenses with your hands to prevent contact with dirt and oil particles that could scratch the surface. When not using your glasses, keep them in pouch to avoid scratches.

3. How to clean your eyewear?

Clean your glasses by using warm water and a mild dish soap. Dry your glasses gently with a soft cotton towel or cleaning cloth for eyeglasses. A soft toothbrush can be used to wash away any grime around the nose pads. Be careful not to accidently scuff the lens. Avoid using rough materials such as facial tissue or paper towels to dry your glasses, as they may scratch your frame or lenses. Avoid using any cleaners containing ammonia (such as Windex) or lotions (like some hand soaps), as these products could damage your lenses.