As we continue to live in a world where the technology is consistently evolving, we are always behind a screen. Weather it be your phone or your computer. Almost everything is becoming digital, we can't help it!  

What does this have to do with your eyes, you ask?

Absolutely everything!

Our eyes are the main source for plenty of things we do in our daily lives, weather you see it or you don't (pun intended). We need to take care of them with nothing but TLC. 

In the recent years with the world growing more and more digital, there has been studies on the effects blue light has. If you aren’t aware blue light is emitted from screens and devices. Most people that work from home or that are on a computer for the majority of their day will most likely complain about these 3 major factors, which are: 

  • Sleep
  • Eye Fatigue/Strain
  • Headaches

Is there something to help with this? The answer is yes. 

Blue blocking filters/glasses, have been created to take the stress of your eyes while working long hours. We expose ourselves to blue wavelengths constantly. Our smartphones are always so close to us, it not only makes our eyes work harder but it can also cause your eyes to age faster. We are also exposed to blue wavelengths by the sun and being outdoors. The reason for these glasses/filters is to limit the amount of blue light that enter our eyes and make our days go by more comfortably. 

Market Study Report, a market research company, says the global market for blue light eyewear will increase to $27 billon by 2024.

Blue light is everywhere. You don't necessarily need a prescription to start taking the right steps in protecting your eyes. Furthermore with this pandemic, there has been a spike in regards to vision with kids that are learning remotely, spending a lot of time on tablets and/or playing video games. In hindsight, you should be checking your eyes regularly with your optometrist at least every 2 years to make sure your eyes are working as they should be. 

We are excited to announce that we are going to be bringing in non-prescribed blue blocking glasses very soon!

We always got you ;)

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Couldn’t be anymore proud of you. Not only for what you have accomplished and continue to move forward. But most importantly educating others so they can see the light 😉 xoxox

Cindy Avila

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